Happy (Warm, Safe, Clean) Home Services

We all have running “To Do” lists… get groceries, pay bills, feed cat, vacuum etc.  However, there are some other “To Do’ lists that hang over our heads, but from a distance…for example annual physical at the Dr., clean the oven or write a novel.  Another “To Do” list involves home maintenance with jobs like, power washing the siding, aerating the lawn, cleaning out the gutters, washing the windows etc.

Today’s deal is your opportunity to knock one of those nagging “To Do’s” off the list as Happy Home Services will come and inspect your Furnace or Boiler and as well do a Gas Safety Inspection on your gas fireplace or water heater. Fortis BC suggests that regular maintenance is important both for safety and efficiency.

So take advantage of today’s deal and check one more thing off that list!

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See Clearly. See Clearly.

Our vision is so important. Actual vision, as in eyesight, not the prophetic vision of the future, (although that would also be helpful!)

So now is the time to take advantage of  the Great deal today on eyeglasses.  For only $20.00 you get a $175 credit towards a prescription pair of glasses and then a Second Pair for Free at Optiks International in Maple Ridge.  The second pair doesn’t even have to be the same, or even for you.  So bring a family member, or bring a friend!  No matter what you choose, you will see clearly how great you look in your new frames!

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BuBBles at BB’Licious

Maple Ridge has a fun new cafe called BB’Licious specializing in Bubble Tea and Unique Bubble Waffles! Serving freshly hand made bubble teas from your choice of fruit flavours as well as a large assortment of waffles both sweet and savoury, you will be sure to find a delicious snack. The atmosphere at the restaurant is decidedly fun, with a wide assortment of board games and even a Playstation so that you can relax and enjoy great company with great food!

BB’Licious is Love that Deal’s featured deal of the day, so get your coupon now and save!!

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Cheers to Craft Beers!

Ridge Brewing has been open for a few years here in Maple Ridge and they have impressed, time and time again.  Showcasing a rotation of steadily delicious microbrewed craft beer, it is always a pleasure to go there and taste the variety of options.

 Today’s offer is for a flight of beer so you can do a taste test before you choose ~ although be warned,  they are all great, it will be hard to pick just one!


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Get the Gunk out of your Gutter

Man Up. Usually that means you have suck it up and deal with whatever task/issue is at hand. When the task at hand is to clean out the gutters of your home, indeed you should Man Up and get the job done – by taking advantage of today’s deal! 

Man Up Services is offering to come to your home, and help you get one of those big “to do’s” off your to do list! Check out today’s deal and let Man Up come and deal with this chore, so you don’t have to!

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Straighten Out / Loosen Up

Over time and  use things get bent out of shape, or maybe a little stiff.  This goes for cars as well.  Today’s deal from Ultra Tune Automotive can get things straight (with an alignment) or loosen things up (with an oil change). Either way things will be working better than before!

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Karate for Kids

Today’s deal is for Curran’s Karate in Maple Ridge.

While your kids will think that they are just learning the finer points of physical combat, they will secretly also be learning the finer points of becoming self confident, responsible, hard working people with enough self esteem to resist peer pressure and maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come.  A great set of skills to come by, especially while having tons of fun!

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Good Things in Small Packages

Great things come in small packages, and today’s deal is exactly that! For only $19 Kingsway Detail will Hand Wash your car, Vacuum, Wipe the Dash, and Console and clean all Interior Windows!

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Microblading, Macro Results!

Today’s Offer is for Microblading with Skin District Beauty Lounge. Go to www.lovethatdeal.ca to get your coupon to SAVE!

Here are some of the many advantages of getting microblading.

1. It will save you time

How many mornings have you woken up after snoozing your alarm more than three times only to realize you’re now running more than 30 minutes late for work? But wait! You can’t leave just yet, you don’t have your makeup on!

For many women, this is a daily routine — spending 15 minutes every morning filling in your eyebrows, doing your eyeliner, etc. Depending of your beauty needs, there are some of these steps you are not willing to skip. If you have notoriously thin eyebrows and you’re used to filling them in every morning, you’ll be glad to know that Microblading will allow you to skip that part of your morning routine. You’ll be able to sleep an extra 15 minutes every day because you won’t have to fill in your eyebrows anymore.

2. It will save you money

Do the math! How much are you spending on eyebrow filling products every year? Brushes? Fixers? It adds up, doesn’t it? We’ve discussed here on the blog that microblading is an investment. Why? Because while it may not be cheap upfront, it will last up to about 3 years (if you’re looking for a longer lasting procedure, consider permanent makeup). You’ll get back all that money you’re spending on makeup and as an extra return on investment, you’ll also save loads of time.

3. You’ll have an eyebrow blueprint

If, unlike our friend Mona Lisa, you have rather bushy eyebrows, you’re still a great candidate for microblading because you’ll now have a perfectly customized blueprint to follow. No longer will you come out of the salon looking like a different person every time because a different technician waxed your eyebrows. Next time, they’ll just follow the beautiful, natural blueprint on your brow area and you’ll always look fabulous.

4. Hello new natural eyebrows!

If, unlike the previous case, you are a Mona Lisa, you might be the one to get the most out of microblading, especially if you have suffered hair loss as a consequence of chemotherapy or allopecia. Microblading is meant to look extremely natural, giving those with thin and sparse eyebrows, a natural and strong frame to their faces for the first time in their lives. Everybody knows how important eyebrows are to the harmony of a face, and let’s not ignore how trendy eyebrows have become recently. A good set of eyebrows will set you apart from the rest and will give you a stunning facial feature that will be the first thing anyone sees when they first look at you.

5. It can last up to 3 years

Buddhist philosophy is that nothing is forever and that is very much true, especially when referring to microblading. Yes, we just used Buddhism to explain microblading, but roll with it. We have explained several times that microblading is NOT permanent. Its duration varies from person to person and in the best of cases can last up to 3 years. The benefit of that impermanence is that you can choose not to get it redone if you want to go back to what you liked before you got microblading, although, truth be told, we don’t think you will! <3

6. No upkeep

This is probably one of the best things about microblading. Once you get the procedure, and you go through the healing process, you can virtually forget about it and continue your life as you would have without it. Microblading will not smudge or smear off. You can go to saunas, swim, work out, wipe your eyebrows time and time again, you don’t have to worry.

7. Your eyebrows are not going to turn red or gray

You’ve probably seen someone around with red eyebrows and wondered what the heck went wrong. No need to worry, yours won’t do that. The color change is due to a certain type of ink used, which is not often used for microblading. Microblading pigments are organic and specifically designed to not change in color, but to just wear off with time.

8. It doesn’t hurt

If you’re afraid of needles, you don’t have to worry at all about microblading. Standard procedure is to use numbing topical ointments instead of local anesthesia, so you won’t ever be injected with a responsible esthetician. The ointments work wonders and you really shouldn’t feel any pain. Some people feel so relaxed they even fall asleep!

9. It’s safe

Microblading is very safe, when performed by a licensed and professional esthetician. Sure, there are some risks to any procedure, but they are minimal when compared to all the benefits!

10. New eyebrows in just under 2 hours

We were doing the math of how much you will save with microblading, and because time is money, you’ll save even more. The procedure is only about 1.5 – 2 hours long and you get to sport your new eyebrows right away!

So go to www.lovethatdeal.ca and get started!

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Go Flames Go!

We are fortunate in this community to have an enthusiastic and exciting young hockey team to entertain us!  The Ridge Meadows Junior Flames hockey club plays almost every Friday night at Planet Ice and Today’s deal is a great chance for you to get to the game and get a Pizza from Domino’s.

Great Hockey and Delicious Pizza, now that’s a Power Play!

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