Chopped Leaf…Feel good AFTER you eat!

A balanced lifestyle requires a balanced diet that emphasizes simple ingredients, nutritious combinations, and natural flavours. Serving handcrafted bowls, salads, wraps, and more, the Chopped leaf fits the bill.

The Chopped Leaf in Maple Ridge is featured as today’s deal, so grab a voucher and a friend and share the joy!

At The Chopped Leaf you will “feel good after you eat.”

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Clean Carpets Start Here…

Have you ever had the chance to put your hands under the special UV machine that can show you if you have any germs or bacteria on them? Well, I have seen it done and am just about caught up with the therapy required to deal with the visual on that. My kids hands actually looked clean, but oh no there was a host of little germies hanging around. What’s my point you ask?

Your carpets might also look clean, but if we were able to take a good look, well you’d need therapy too.  So, to save you the time and trouble, today’s Love That Deal is a great offer on getting your carpets professionally cleaned. This will give you a great opportunity to get the dust and dirt and other unmentionables, out from under your feet. No therapy required.

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It’s a Mossy Job, but Someone Has to Do It.

We live in a wet wet wet climate. You’ve likely noticed. So has your roof. The constant damp is a breeding ground for moss and that can be hard on your shingles. If left untreated the moss can lift the shingles creating terrible damage.

Today’s Love that Deal from So Clean Home Services is for a Professional to clear off the moss and then apply a moss deterrent to keep it from growing back as quickly. The service also includes a gutter cleaning to clear away any debris and ensure that your roof and gutters are all in great working order.

It’s a Mossy Job, but Somebody has to Do It!


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See Clearly. See Clearly.

Our vision is so important. Actual vision, as in eyesight, not the prophetic vision of the future, (although that would also be helpful!)

So now is the time to take advantage of  the Great deal today on eyeglasses.  For only $20.00 you get a $175 credit towards a prescription pair of glasses and then a Second Pair for Free at Optiks International in Maple Ridge.  The second pair doesn’t even have to be the same, or even for you.  So bring a family member, or bring a friend!  No matter what you choose, you will see clearly how great you look in your new frames!

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BuBBles at BB’Licious

Maple Ridge has a fun new cafe called BB’Licious specializing in Bubble Tea and Unique Bubble Waffles! Serving freshly hand made bubble teas from your choice of fruit flavours as well as a large assortment of waffles both sweet and savoury, you will be sure to find a delicious snack. The atmosphere at the restaurant is decidedly fun, with a wide assortment of board games and even a Playstation so that you can relax and enjoy great company with great food!

BB’Licious is Love that Deal’s featured deal of the day, so get your coupon now and save!!

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We have come to the understanding that we must take an active part in our own wellness.  Our bodies are magical healing machines, but they do require assistance from us and the choices we make.  Well, today’s deal is a no brainer.

Whole Body Health and Wellness is offering a Love that Deal for reflexology, an ancient Chinese massage therapy designed to help heal and align your body ~ by massaging your feet.  The stress release alone is immensely healing while the accompanying relaxation is icing on the cake!

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Summer Memories

Summer conjures up images of beaches, camping, hiking, swimming and generally a plethora of outdoor fun and activity.  A byproduct of the amazing memories of outdoor expeditions is the trademark golden summer tan.  The downside is that summer doesn’t last forever, but the upside is that your golden glow can!

Get your summer shimmer by grabbing Today’s deal for 100 Tanning Minutes at Phazes Tanning and Salon.

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A Corker of a Deal!

This deal will make you want to raise a glass and toast yourself for becoming a first rate vintner.

In reality all you need to do is go into Classically Corked and choose a wine kit that appeals to you, and then let the experienced vintners work their magic. However, after a few weeks you get to return to Classically Corked and bottle your libation,  and then take it home, whereupon the sommelier in you can proudly imbibe with family and friends.  Cheers!

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Happy (Warm, Safe, Clean) Home Services

We all have running “To Do” lists… get groceries, pay bills, feed cat, vacuum etc.  However, there are some other “To Do’ lists that hang over our heads, but from a distance…for example annual physical at the Dr., clean the oven or write a novel.  Another “To Do” list involves home maintenance with jobs like, power washing the siding, aerating the lawn, cleaning out the gutters, washing the windows etc.

Today’s deal is your opportunity to knock one of those nagging “To Do’s” off the list as Happy Home Services will come and inspect your Furnace or Boiler and as well do a Gas Safety Inspection on your gas fireplace or water heater. Fortis BC suggests that regular maintenance is important both for safety and efficiency.

So take advantage of today’s deal and check one more thing off that list!

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Cheers to Craft Beers!

Ridge Brewing has been open for a few years here in Maple Ridge and they have impressed, time and time again.  Showcasing a rotation of steadily delicious microbrewed craft beer, it is always a pleasure to go there and taste the variety of options.

 Today’s offer is for a flight of beer so you can do a taste test before you choose ~ although be warned,  they are all great, it will be hard to pick just one!


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