I’m hoping you read that word carefully.

Today’s offer is an opportunity for Men and Kids to go to Pitt Meadows Barber and get a hair cut. The relaxed and contemporary barber shop offers all manner of shaving, beard and mustache trimming and shaping. Hence the title: Pogonotrophy. Noun. pogonotrophy (uncountable) The act of cultivating, or growing and grooming, a mustache, beard, sideburns or other facial hair.


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So Many Things to get SO CLEAN!

When you own a home there always seems to be a never ending multitude of jobs to be done. Some are easier than others but some require a professional touch to ensure that they are done effectively, efficiently and safely. Today’s deal will save you time and effort and also money when you call So Clean Multi Services to get an estimate for Gutter Cleaning, Power Washing or Window Washing services.

It will be nice to get some of these chores off your list of things to do so you have time to actually enjoy your home and yard!

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Nothing Like that New Car Shine…

Well, maybe it is time for a new car but the cash flow says otherwise. You have an option to make the vehicle you have look new again with today’s deal from Limitless Auto Spa in Port Coquitlam.  Using a special RestoreFX Refinishing service they can take a scratched up, faded vehicle and make it shine like, well new.

Get your Free Coupon at www.lovethatdeal.ca and save $300!

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Diet for your Wallet!

**2nd Edition ~ Valid until December 2018!**

Save $1500.oo in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows with today’s deal for a Love that Deal.ca Premium Coupon card for only $20.00!

Featuring 80 offers, of which 28 are FREE NO PURCHASE NECESSARY deals for things you will use: Two Large Pizzas at Domino’s, Waxing at Cameo Spa, Nail Clipping for your dog at Pawsitively Paparazzi,  and Two entries to the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre and Two Entries to the Pitt Meadows Rec Centre and so much more.

Explore many of the businesses in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.  The card is valid until December 31, 2018 so you have lots of time to use it and enjoy!

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Wilde Cuts for a New You!

There is something about a trip to the salon that is just so exhilarating.  You go in stressed out, with split ends, a shaggy do and a generally frazzled outlook.  Then comes the scalp massage.  The beautifully scented shampoos and conditioners.   And of course the new hairdo, which makes you see yourself in a new light and puts a spring in your step, knowing that since you can embrace this change, you can have the flexibility to take on whatever else the world tosses your way.

So today’s deal  for a Haircut and Style at Wilde Cuts Hair Salon is a chance to go to the salon and leave so much more than your split ends behind.

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The problem with some fitness routines is that they are, well, too routine.  Doesn’t matter how much you change up the music, the treadmill or cross trainer get a little boring after a while.  Today’s deal will help you change all that.

Latin Flavours Fitness Ltd. in Maple Ridge is offering you the chance to shake up your routine, making your workout feel like a party.  You will have so much fun, you won’t even realize what a great workout you did… Until you try on your skinny jeans and discover the fun in finding out those fit great too!

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Shine ON.

There are those who have a talent for paying attention to details. I think it is because they realize that it is the sum of the details that create the big picture.  I mean without those pesky details like atoms, or cells, we wouldn’t add up to much would we?

Well, today’s deal showcases the guys at Kingsway Auto Detail who also have a knack for detail.  They will take your car and shine, polish, vacuum, and scrub until it is clean. I mean CLEAN.

Then, once the details are taken care of, you can get moving and enjoy your bigger picture- your life!

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After Glow

Lately we have been getting the most beautiful weather ~ it has been bright, sunny, warm ~ all the good things you expect from summer.

Now, without wanting to be a complete downer, I just want to mention that this won’t last forever, and in a few not so distant months we will not be seeing that golden sun nearly as much as we are right now.  My point? If you enjoy the golden glow of a beautiful summer on your skin, you should check out today’s deal for Tanning at Phazes Tanning and Beauty Salon.  That way, regardless of the cloudy days ahead, you will still be able to bask in the after glow of summer!

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Carpet Cleaning with Happy Homes

Have you ever had the chance to put your hands under the special UV machine that can show you if you have any germs or bacteria on them? Well, I have seen it done and am just about caught up with the therapy required to deal with the visual on that. My kids hands actually looked clean, but oh no there was a host of little germies hanging around. What’s my point you ask?

Your carpets might also look clean, but if we were able to take a good look, well you’d need therapy too.  So, to save you the time and trouble, today’s Love That Deal is a great offer on getting your carpets professionally cleaned. This will give you a great opportunity to get the dust and dirt and other unmentionables, out from under your feet. No therapy required.

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Get Back to Your Organic Roots

Food as Medicine is getting much press these days, and with good cause.  It stands to reason that our bodies can function better when they are well nourished.  In today’s society it is safe to say that we are overfed and under nourished.  Take advantage of today’s Love that Deal.ca and head into Roots Natural Organic Foods to find an excellent selection of wholesome foods to support your overall health and well being.

And the $5 savings will also naturally lift your mood!

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