Th{ink}ing Green

Sometimes we find ourselves in win-win situations, and things have worked out well for two parties. Great stuff!

I consider today’s deal amazing because it is a win-win-win, and frankly those can be difficult to find. By taking advantage of today’s offer at Mainland Cartridge you can save yourself money, support local business and reduce your carbon footprint by reusing your ink cartridge.

Win-win-win. Now that is really great stuff!

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Epic Offer from Epic Yoga

It turns out that two things are Epic today: the yoga studio and the deal we are offering.

I have been considering trying yoga for quite some time. I don’t know exactly what aspect of yoga most appeals to me.  Is it the flexibility of the contorted bodies?  The healthy glow? The relaxed, even peaceful facial expressions? The fact that there are numerous types of classes to experience?

I suppose it is a combination of all of the above, but really I think what is most appealing is the concept of a fitness routine that conditions the body and the mind ~ kind of like a two for one deal!  Of course right now, since there is an Epic deal for a monthly pass at Epic Yoga, there could not be a better time to give Yoga a try.

great deal on getting in shape and finding peace? Seems pretty Epic to me.

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Chok Dee!

Ban Chok Dee, literally translated means “House of Good Luck” and “Chok Dee” is often heard as a toast when you raise a glass with friends and family.  It turns out today is your Lucky Day as Ban Chok Dee is our featured FREE offer. Head to and get your free coupon to save on a delicious dining experience at Ban Chok Dee.

In Thai cuisine, there is always a delicate interplay between the flavours – sweet, salty, sour & spice. We serve delicious and authentic Thai cuisine with both fresh, locally grown and imported traditional Thai ingredients, such as lemongrass, basil, mint, chili, garlic and other herbs so you can experience the intricate flavours of Thai.

Ban Chok Dee has received multiple awards over the years, both as a local restaurant and for individual food and drink creations. In 2016, we were awarded the “Thai Select Premium” status by the official Royal Thai Consulate General office for the authentic and outstanding culinary experience we deliver.

Our goal is to create a culinary experience for our customers, not just food. Our dishes not only taste good, but also look beautiful. We have created an original Thai dining environment through a combination of traditional decors from Thailand, authentic spices, well-trained staffs and professional chefs.

Chok Dee!

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Strikes, Spares and Fun!

Looking for a fun family outing? Check out today’s fantastic deal for two hours of bowling for up to six people, including shoe rentals at Dell Lanes.  It’s a fun way to unplug the entire family from their electronics and spend some quality time together. Includes a large 3 topping pizza and one pound of wings. So it’s also a fun way to have dinner!

Whether you throw strikes, spares or mostly gutter balls, it will be a fun time for the whole family!

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Good Things in Small Packages

Great things come in small packages, and today’s deal is exactly that! For only $19 Kingsway Detail will Hand Wash your car, Vacuum, Wipe the Dash, and Console and clean all Interior Windows!

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Laser Warfare

Remember those iconic scenes from Star Wars when Luke and Darth Vader are battling it out in a perfectly choreographed struggle with the red and blue phaser-lasers?

Well, today’s deal puts lasers to a much more practical use (from my perspective anyway!) as Refresh Evolution is offering their laser hair removal services at a great price.  This deal is made for the people out there who have been waging their own battle with the pesky hairs that grow in places we would rather not have them.

I know, it is not really an epic battle between good and evil, but still, it’s a battle we can win!

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Be Well at Fitwell’s

Getting fit is a goal that most people share. In the very least maintaining wellness is everyone’s priority.

Today’s deal is your chance to get into Fitwell’s for Women where you can comfortably achieve your health goals!

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After Glow

Lately we have been getting the most beautiful weather ~ it has been bright, sunny, warm ~ all the good things you expect from summer.

Now, without wanting to be a complete downer, I just want to mention that this won’t last forever, and in a few not so distant months we will not be seeing that golden sun nearly as much as we are right now.  My point? If you enjoy the golden glow of a beautiful summer on your skin, you should check out today’s deal for Tanning at Phazes Tanning and Beauty Salon.  That way, regardless of the cloudy days ahead, you will still be able to bask in the after glow of summer!

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Save Your Cash, & Get Rid of Your Trash!

Go to and see the Great Offer from Noble Disposal!

At Noble Disposal Services we pride ourselves on not only our level of customer service, but the professional conduct and friendly attitude of all our team members! Our team is a hardworking and enthusiastic group of individuals who are well experienced in the waste management industry. Our owner and team leader has acquired a tremendous amount of experience and insight working with several of the “big” companies since early 2001, before starting Noble Disposal Services in 2015.

At Noble Disposal Services, we believe in giving our customers reasonable and fair rates, rates that are closer to the actual costs associated with the work involved. We don’t have a large overhead or shareholders to answer to, unlike our competitors, so as a result we can offer significantly lower rates AND focus on what matters most, keeping our customers happy.

Why choose us?

  • No environmental fees
  • No fuel surcharges
  • No overage charges
  • No hidden costs whatsoever
  • Friendly, professional, well kept staff
  • Lower rates, Higher standards

We will go to great lengths for our customers. We agree with the days where customers were treated like royalty, a time when the service industry appreciated their customers. We truly appreciate that attitude – Noble Disposal Services, where customer service matters, and the customer is ALWAYS right!

Go to and see the Great Offer from Noble Disposal!

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Tech-No-Logical Help is Here.

Many of us have several computers that are not utilized to their full potential because we aren’t sure how to keep them organized and virus free. Malware, viruses, outdated programs, and other technical glitches can make your computer sluggish and frustrating to use. The professional technician at JKC Tech will come to your home and troubleshoot problem areas to ensure that your computer is safe from cyber attacks and cleaned up to provide optimal speed and reliability.  This special service offer also includes a Wifi Security Check.

Go to  Love that and get your computer working optimally again.

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