I see you. You see me.

Great deal today on eyeglasses.  For only 20.00 you get a $175 credit towards a prescription pair of glasses and then a Second Pair for Free at Optiks International in Maple Ridge.  The second pair doesn’t even have to be the same, or even for you.  So bring a family member, or bring a friend!   No matter what you choose, you will see clearly how great you look in your new frames!

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Save on Slices!

Anyway you slice it, today’s deal is for you.  Fresh Slice pizza in Maple Ridge offers a delicious and healthy option for a quick and easy way to feed the whole gang. Today’s deal gets you 1 Extra Large 2 Topping Pizza and a 2 Litre Bottle of Pop all for one low price!


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Go Flames Go!

We are fortunate in this community to have an enthusiastic and exciting young hockey team to entertain us!  The Ridge Meadows Junior Flames hockey club plays almost every Friday night at Planet Ice and Today’s deal is a great chance for you to get to the game and get a Pizza from Domino’s.

Great Hockey and Delicious Pizza, now that’s a Power Play!

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Business without Limits

Small business owners realize that time is limited.  Resources are limited.  Money is limited. Knowledge is limited.  However a smart business person knows that to create unlimited success you need to be able to work within those limitations to create a unique and desirable product or service and also get that product or service into the hands of the right people.

This Love that Deal is just what a small business needs to create a website that will provide information and tools for customers to find your business.  As a small business owner you can not do it all. The best best is to know your limits and allow professionals to take on projects when necessary.  Building an efficient, effective website is one of those projects better left to those who know how to optimize the information and increase search engine effectiveness.

So let the designers and developers at Web Limitless help you to create a professional, dynamic easy to navigate website that will drive sales and create unlimited profits.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage ~Detox and Feel Great

Stress.  It is part of our everyday lives.  There are various methods people use to try to deal with stress, some healthy, (think meditation, exercise, listening to music) and some not as healthy, (think smoking, drinking, overeating).

Today’s Deal from Arnica Clinic is for a time tested method that will bring wellness and release stress…massage. Specifically they are offering a Lymphatic Drainage Massage which will gently, yet powerfully encourage lymph flow and recirculation to assist in detoxification and increase overall wellness.


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Help your Kids take a Step in the Right Direction

It has been said that the journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.  This is also true for a fitness journey and today’s deal from CrossFit Steps will have your kids Stepping, Jumping, Running, Hopping, Lifting their way towards a healthy, fit future.

CrossFit Steps for Kids. Every class is a Step in the right direction!

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Paint this, Picasso!

There are many ways we have found to express ourselves. The fine arts for example include means such as: singing, dancing, drawing, writing, and painting. Of course there are other ways we express ourselves as well, like running, screaming, shouting, laughing, and squealing.
Well, think about this. Why not combine the fine arts and the emotional art of having a blast? This is your chance.
Today’s deal is for Delta Force Paintball in Maple Ridge where you can express yourself by artistically spraying unsuspecting players with splashes of paint, and have a darn good time doing it.

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Cleanse and Detoxify

Everyone is looking for ways to maintain or regain their health; after all a wise person once said, “If you don’t have your health, nothing else matters.”   Truer words never spoken ~ what is enjoyable in life if you feel awful or are in pain?

Today’s offer from Arnica Clinic is for a Colon Hydrotherapy session, the most natural detoxification method available.  Benefits can include: increased energy, improved sleep, boost immune system, improved metabolism and better absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Call Arnica Clinic today to book and Help Your Body to Heal Itself.

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Happy Home Services

We all have running “To Do” lists… get groceries, pay bills, feed cat, vacuum etc.  However, there are some other “To Do’ lists that hang over our heads, but from a distance…for example annual physical at the Dr., clean the oven or write a novel.  Another “To Do” list involves home maintenance with jobs like, power washing the siding, aerating the lawn, cleaning out the gutters, washing the windows etc.

Today’s deal is your opportunity to knock one of those nagging “To Do’s” off the list as Happy Home Services will come and inspect your Furnace or Boiler and as well do a Gas Safety Inspection on your gas fireplace or water heater. Fortis BC suggests that regular maintenance is important both for safety and efficiency.

So take advantage of today’s deal and check one more thing off that list!

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King of the Kitchen

There are some great meals that have come out of my kitchen, (if I do say so myself). The key word however,  is “some”.  I don’t have the patience required for long drawn out cooking, especially since it seems that whether I spend 15 minutes, or 3.5 hours in prep time, the response is fairly consistent.  “Aw, we’re eating that?”   In fact, it has been said that my best used kitchen appliance is the phone ~ to call for take out.

So, today’s offer is an opportunity to put that phone to good use, and get a delicous meal from King’s Kitchen.  They are WAY better at using the real kitchen appliances, so I say, let’s just stay with our strengths.  I call. They cook. We eat a great meal (at a great price!). Win. Win.


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