A New Vein

There are some things we think we just need to accept as we age.  Creakier Joints. Squinting Eyes. Crowns (on teeth, not on head). Spider Veins. Mammograms. This is fun, fun, fun stuff. As has been said, “Getting old is not for sissies”.  Of course it has also been brought to my attention that the alternative to getting older is…well, not all that appealing either.

So, as humans we have come to terms with the realities of aging, and while there are certain issues that we may just have to accept, there are also alternatives. For example, the Spider Veins. Until recently I believed that once you got them, you had them. Period. It turns out however, that there is a fantastic procedure that can vastly diminish the veins (on your face, legs or any part of your body).  So today’s deal for Laser Vein Removal, is our chance to stand up and say that we will not just accept the gradual demise, rather we will start on a new vein and focus on what we can do to maintain wellness.


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