T 4 2

Tea for two, and two for tea!  Tea may be known as the elegant aunt of coffee, but really it can also be the wild red haired cousin and the refreshingly spicy step mother in law too.  There are so many flavour options when it comes to tea that you could try a new flavour everyday for a year!

Today’s deal for T’s Once Upon a Leaf, the tea shop in downtown Maple Ridge will give you the chance to try taste sensations such as: Black Forest, Pina Colada, Cookies and Cream, Walnut Macaroon, Hazelnut Vanilla, and much, much more! Of course if you prefer to stick with the elegant aunt, they have earl grey, english breakfast and orange pekoe as well.

Enjoy the premium loose leaf teas from T’s Once Upon a Leaf because as they say, “Life’s too short to be a bag.”

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