Hair’s the Thing

We all want to feel good.  In order to feel good we have learned that we need to take care of ourselves. Drink Water. Exercise. Eat Well. Get a Haircut.  I hear you saying, “Wait, what?  I need to read that line again.”  Go ahead. I can wait.

Yep, getting a haircut can make you feel happier, more confident, cheerful and even ready to take on a new challenge.  A new look on the outside, allows us to be open to a new perspective from the inside.  So, here is the thing, get a haircut and you are making strides towards a healthier life.

Of course if you can get a great deal on a great haircut it has been scientifically proven* to make you feel really, really great.



* “Scientifically Proven” in this case means that I asked some friends and we all agree.

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