Get Your Greek On!

Here I am at Navagio Beach in Greece, enjoying the turquoise waters and the soft white sands.  The warm sun is streaming down and the gentle breezes are caressing the waters, ensuring that I am not too hot, just luxuriously warm.  The handsome Greek God of a man is delivering delicious…

Well, damn.

Here I am in Maple Ridge under the colourless sky, against the dark black shadows of leafless trees and while there is water, it comes not in soft warm lapping waves, but in endless cold drops that accumulate in puddles reflecting the infinitely  grey sky.

But today I am determined to bring a little of the Greek beach scene to the Maple Ridge scene.  This will be done by taking advantage of today’s deal from Socrates Grill  where I can enjoy roast lamb, souvlaki, spanakopita and many more flavours of Greece, which will have to tide me over until I can get my vacation plans in order!



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