Phazes Tanning

Summer is just around the corner and the time is upon us to don shorts, tanks, swimsuits and other fun summer fashions.  However, the fun summer fashions wear a little better on people who have a fun glow…not the glow like that of a pale vampire, but rather a glow like I’ve just been out surfing and I am a carefree, fun loving outdoorsy kind of person.

Now all this works, if in fact you have the chance to get the right amount of sun on all the right body parts, but some of us have other things to do in the summer besides hang out at the beach. (Although wouldn’t it be nice?) So, if you have say, a job, and that job requires you to stay inside and actually work, it seems to me that getting a nice summer glow may be a challenge.  Until today.

Phazes Tanning and Beauty Salon is offering a great tanning deal to help you get a beautiful sun kissed summer glow so you can rock your summer wardrobe! Check it out at!

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