Fountain Tire Car Care Package

There are so many things we take for granted every day, starting with something as simple as expecting the hot water to run from the faucet when we wake up and want to shower.  Or that the newspaper will be leaning against the front door, the coffee will be brewing and the kids will be happily getting their lunches together after feeding themselves a nutritious breakfast. Okay, okay I can dream…

…But the point is, we do take many things for granted.  Until recently I took my car for granted, but one day when it didn’t start and I needed a new battery, I realized how much I depend on my car to get me from A to B (and back).  I also realized how much I appreciate a friend who would come to my rescue and get me mobile once again. (Thanks Bob!)  So, today’s deal is in tune with the old adage, regarding an ounce of prevention.  Let the good folks at Fountain Tire change your oil, check your tires, fill your fluids and run through their checklist to get your vehicle in top running condition.

Because, even though friends like Bob are happy to help, we can’t take them for granted either!

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