What I didn’t know made me Older

Sunscreen.  Sunblock.  Seek shade.  Baby oil.  One of these things is not like the others.

When we were young, we went to the beach (and wore bikinis, not tankinis, which by the way, the sound of the word “tank” to describe our newest foray into swimwear styles does not inspire much in the way of self confidence for those of us now wearing them, but I digress.)

We wore bikinis. At high noon.  At the beach. With not only no sunscreen, but instead used baby oil to literally fry ourselves to the desirable shade of toasty brown (if you were lucky) or to a deep blistering reddish purple (if you were not so lucky).   What did we know?  Not what we know now.  Because what we know now is that we look older.  Much older than need be, if we had used some sun protection, with a side of common sense.

Lucky for us innovations in skin care are now available to help us repair the damage we have done. Treatments such as Skin Rejuvenation can help to reduce fine wrinkles, and fade the appearance of skin imperfections.  So now look, what you didn’t know made you older, but what you do know now can make you younger. Well, okay, it can’t actually turn back time, but it can help to erase the damage done by our youthful lack of judgement.

So use your new wisdom and check out the “age defying” deal at www.lovethatdeal.ca.

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