A Corker of a Deal!

This deal will make you want to raise a glass and toast yourself for becoming a first rate vintner.

In reality all you need to do is go into Classically Corked and choose a wine kit that appeals to you, and then let the experienced vintners work their magic. However, after a few weeks you get to return to Classically Corked and bottle your libation,  and then take it home, whereupon the sommelier in you can proudly imbibe with family and friends.  Cheers!

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Row, Pedal, Paddle…You Choose!

Get outside and play!  Today’s deal is about getting out of the house. Heck, it’s even about getting off land!
Deer Lake Boat Rentals is offering you a chance to get out on the water and enjoy kayaking, canoeing, rowboating or pedal boating.  Set upon a beautiful lake in Burnaby, Deer Lake Boat Rentals offers the chance to get away from the city… in the city. Besides the fresh air and exercise, you may just be able to see some beautiful animals, such as a Blue Heron, Ducks, Geese, Beavers, Turtles and possibly even an Eagle.

So pack up the kids and head on over to Deer Lake, where you can paddle, row, or pedal your way through the day!

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See things More Clearly!

Most problems start off small and left unchecked, grow and grow.  Take advantage of Today’s Deal and get your windshield replaced with a Bonus Interior Clean, Free Bosch Wiper Blades and a Courtesy Car.  Fix your windshield before small damage causes a bigger problem!

“Go For The Best, Go For Broco”

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It’s Your Time to Shine!

There are a few things on everybody’s to do list that just seem to stay there and almost mock you with their smugness.  Like you just know that cleaning behind the fridge or under the stove will simply not happen without some type of cataclysmic event, like a giant spill that runs under or the loss of your kids absolutely most favourite Beyblade or My Little Pony Barrette.

So, every time I see my car and think, “Man would it be nice to wash and shine this baby” it’s a bit like wishing that an extra few hours would just fall into my lap.  Plus, if I were to be completely honest, if I did for some miraculous reason find an extra few hours, I really don’t think I could be convinced to use it to shine, vacuum and otherwise baby my car.

Well Today’s Deal is tailor made for this conundrum. I take my car to the specialists at Kingsway Auto and they clean the exterior of my car, wipe the interior including door jams and wheels.  Then, with the extra few hours I’ve just cleverly saved I go and revitalize myself, with say,  a pedicure or a good book.

Win-Win if I have ever seen it.

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Carpet Cleaning with Happy Homes

Have you ever had the chance to put your hands under the special UV machine that can show you if you have any germs or bacteria on them? Well, I have seen it done and am just about caught up with the therapy required to deal with the visual on that. My kids hands actually looked clean, but oh no there was a host of little germies hanging around. What’s my point you ask?

Your carpets might also look clean, but if we were able to take a good look, well you’d need therapy too.  So, to save you the time and trouble, today’s Love That Deal is a great offer on getting your carpets professionally cleaned. This will give you a great opportunity to get the dust and dirt and other unmentionables, out from under your feet. No therapy required.

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A Walk on The Wilde Side

There is something about a trip to the salon that is just so exhilarating.  You go in stressed out, with split ends, a shaggy do and a generally frazzled outlook.  Then comes the scalp massage.  The beautifully scented shampoos and conditioners.   And of course the new hairdo, which makes you see yourself in a new light and puts a spring in your step, knowing that since you can embrace this change, you can have the flexibility to take on whatever else the world tosses your way.

So today’s deal  for a Haircut and Style at Wilde Cuts Hair Salon is a chance to go to the salon and leave so much more than your split ends behind.

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Golden Opportunity

Summer is here and the time has come to don shorts, tanks, swimsuits and other fun summer fashions.  However, the fun summer fashions wear a little better on people who have a fun glow…not the glow like that of a pale vampire, but rather a glow like I’ve just been out surfing and I am a carefree, fun loving outdoorsy kind of person.

Now all this works, if in fact you have the chance to get the right amount of sun on all the right body parts, but some of us have other things to do in the summer besides hang out at the beach. (Although wouldn’t it be nice?) So, if you have say, a job, and that job requires you to stay inside and actually work, it seems to me that getting a nice summer glow may be a challenge.  Until today.

Phazes Tanning and Beauty Salon is offering a great tanning deal to help you get a beautiful sun kissed summer glow so you can rock your summer wardrobe! Check it out at www.lovethatdeal.ca!

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Get Fit and Be Well at Fitwell’s

Getting fit is a goal that most people share. In the very least maintaining wellness is everyone’s priority.

Today’s deal is your chance to get into Fitwell’s for Women where you can comfortably achieve your health goals!

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Patio Season at The Frogstone Grill!

Today’s deal is your chance to {re}discover The Frogstone Grill in Maple Ridge!

The new owners look forward to ensuring that you have a relaxing and delicious meal out. The menu has a huge variety of options; steak, pasta, ribs, salad, chicken, salads – well, you get the idea – there is something for everyone!  They also have a tasty breakfast menu, that will start your day off right – with even more options on the weekend.

Hop on In to The Frogstone Grill and experience fun family dining!

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Bowl a Turkey, Eat a Pizza!

I have often wondered exactly how the term “Turkey” came to describe three strikes in a row during a game of bowling.  As it turns out, in the early days of bowling it was very difficult to get three strikes in a row, and around the the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons a prize of a turkey would be given to the first person to get three strikes in a row. Now we know.

While the kind folks at Dell Bowling Lanes will not be handing out turkeys, they have agreed to offer a great promotion that includes pizza.  Check out today’s deal and you will be able to enjoy a fun outing where you can bowl a turkey, eat some pizza and have a great time!

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