King of the Kitchen

There are some great meals that have come out of my kitchen, (if I do say so myself). The key word however,  is “some”.  I don’t have the patience required for long drawn out cooking, especially since it seems that whether I spend 15 minutes, or 3.5 hours in prep time, the response is fairly consistent.  “Aw, we’re eating that?”   In fact, it has been said that my best used kitchen appliance is the phone ~ to call for take out.

So, today’s offer is an opportunity to put that phone to good use, and get a delicous meal from King’s Kitchen.  They are WAY better at using the real kitchen appliances, so I say, let’s just stay with our strengths.  I call. They cook. We eat a great meal (at a great price!). Win. Win.


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Best $20 Gift you can Buy!

**NEW 2nd Edition ~ Valid until December 2018!**

Save $1500.oo in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows with today’s deal for a Love that Premium Coupon card for only $20.00!

Featuring 80 offers, of which 28 are FREE NO PURCHASE NECESSARY deals for things you will use: Two Large Pizzas at Domino’s, Waxing at Cameo Spa, Nail Clipping for your dog at Pawsitively Paparazzi,  and Two entries to the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre and Two Entries to the Pitt Meadows Rec Centre and so much more.

Explore many of the businesses in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.  The card is valid until December 31, 2018 so you have lots of time to use it and enjoy!

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Karate for Kids

Today’s deal is for Curran’s Karate in Maple Ridge.

While your kids will think that they are just learning the finer points of physical combat, they will secretly also be learning the finer points of becoming self confident, responsible, hard working people with enough self esteem to resist peer pressure and maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come.  A great set of skills to come by, especially while having tons of fun!

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I Could Have Danced All Night*

* If I had proper orthotics.

Feet are pretty handy.  Getting you from A to B and back again.  I like that about my feet.  Feet however sometimes need support in order to be able to do their job painlessly, so in order to show some appreciation for their constant hard work we can take advantage of today’s offer from Vancouver Orthotics.

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Belle of the Ball

In downtown Maple Ridge you can find La Belle Chateau, a shop which has both new and quality consignment clothing. They carry such a wide variety of sizes and styles, that they can get you ready for a professional day at the office,  followed by a fancy night out on the town,  and then have you ready for hanging out at the soccer pitch the next day.  Besides great clothing they also have a selection of designer purses and shoes.  Plus, with today’s great deal you can be the best dressed in town!


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Wow! Your Carpets Look Awesome!

Have you ever had the chance to put your hands under the special UV machine that can show you if you have any germs or bacteria on them? Well, I have seen it done and am just about caught up with the therapy required to deal with the visual on that. My kids hands actually looked clean, but oh no there was a host of little germies hanging around. What’s my point you ask?

Your carpets might also look clean, but if we were able to take a good look, well you’d need therapy too.  So, to save you the time and trouble, today’s Love That Deal is a great offer on getting your carpets professionally cleaned. This will give you a great opportunity to get the dust and dirt and other unmentionables, out from under your feet. No therapy required.

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Light up the Holidays

Light. Artists spend a great deal of time learning about light. How to manage it, how it creates the story, what should be in the light and what should remain in shadow.

One of Maple Ridge’s renowned artists is Arte Vargas, who was taught the art of glass blowing at a young age. Over many years he has perfected his craft, and if you take a few minutes to peruse the artwork in his studio, you will be in awe of his talent. The delicate pieces of art will amaze you with the way they glow in the light, with colours ablaze.

Arte has partnered with us so check out today’s deal and Arte’s Studio and light up your life, or someone else’s this holiday season.

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Steamier the Better

Today’s Deal is a Steamy trip to the Sauna at Arnica Clinic in Pitt Meadows!

Sauna’s have been used for centuries in many cultures to improve health, release toxins, aid in relaxation and even to bring people to a higher state of understanding and clarity. While I can’t guarantee any ethereal experiences, I do think that you will feel wise, knowing you got a great deal on getting healthy!

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Inter Webs Made Easy

Small business owners realize that time is limited.  Resources are limited.  Money is limited. Knowledge is limited.  However a smart business person knows that to create unlimited success you need to be able to work within those limitations to create a unique and desirable product or service and also get that product or service into the hands of the right people.

This Love that Deal is just what a small business needs to create a website that will provide information and tools for customers to find your business.  As a small business owner you can not do it all. The best best is to know your limits and allow professionals to take on projects when necessary.  Building an efficient, effective website is one of those projects better left to those who know how to optimize the information and increase search engine effectiveness.

So let the designers and developers at Web Limitless help you to create a professional, dynamic easy to navigate website that will drive sales and create unlimited profits.


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Anyway you Slice it!

Anyway you slice it, today’s deal is for you.  Fresh Slice pizza in Maple Ridge offers a delicious and healthy option for a quick and easy way to feed the whole gang. Today’s deal gets you 1 Extra Large 2 Topping Pizza and a 2 Litre Bottle of Pop all for one low price!


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