Just {Be}lieve

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”.  I have seen this quote at various places around the internet, and every time it inspires me to go outside of my comfort zone.  I believe that we can make positive changes in our lives, especially by exploring ideas and opening ourselves up to experiences that may seem a little daunting. Today’s deal is for Believe Yoga, where the supportive and helpful staff will guide you through the challenge of learning the yoga poses, and initiating the change to great health!

“Take the time to encourage your wellness instead of treating your sickness.”

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Free Wine Deal!! Cheers!

The Wine Chimes is offering you the opportunity to become the vintner, the bottler, and the connoisseur.  Whether you will be an official oenologist when it’s done is debatable, but you will have several bottles of delicious wine to drink.

Plus, my experience tells me that we are way wiser after a couple glasses of wine, so who knows we may be budding oenologists after all.

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Pain Management (PEMF)

Pain, Pain Go Away….

Today’s Deal for PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) Therapy can help to alleviate chronic pain conditions.  It has been featured on Dr. Oz. ~ please take a look here for more information:


“PEMFs work to:

  • Reduce pain, inflammation, the effects of stress on the body, and platelet adhesion.
  • Improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, sleep quality, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification and the ability to regenerate cells.
  • Balance the immune system and stimulate RNA and DNA.
  • Accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue.
  • Relax muscles.

PEMFs have been used extensively for decades for many conditions and medical disciplines, and results can be seen in animals as well as humans. The National Institutes of Health have made PEMFs a priority for research. In fact, many PEMF devices have already been approved by the FDA, some specifically to fuse broken bones, wound healing, pain and tissue swelling, and treat depression. Most therapeutic PEMF devices are considered safe by various standards and organizations.”

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Hair’s the Thing

We all want to feel good.  In order to feel good we have learned that we need to take care of ourselves. Drink Water. Exercise. Eat Well. Get a Haircut.  I hear you saying, “Wait, what?  I need to read that line again.”  Go ahead. I can wait.

Yep, getting a haircut can make you feel happier, more confident, cheerful and even ready to take on a new challenge.  A new look on the outside, allows us to be open to a new perspective from the inside.  So, here is the thing, get a haircut and you are making strides towards a healthier life.

Of course if you can get a great deal on a great haircut it has been scientifically proven* to make you feel really, really great.



* “Scientifically Proven” in this case means that I asked some friends and we all agree.

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I Could Have Danced All Night*

* If I had proper orthotics.

Feet are pretty handy.  Getting you from A to B and back again.  I like that about my feet.  Feet however sometimes need support in order to be able to do their job painlessly, so in order to show some appreciation for their constant hard work we can take advantage of today’s offer from Vancouver Orthotics.

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C’est tres Magnifique!

In downtown Maple Ridge you can find La Belle Chateau, a shop which has both new and quality consignment clothing. They carry such a wide variety of sizes and styles, that they can get you ready for a professional day at the office,  followed by a fancy night out on the town,  and then have you ready for hanging out at the soccer pitch the next day.  Besides great clothing they also have a selection of designer purses and shoes.

Plus, with today’s great deal you can be the best dressed in town!  J’aime!

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Fun Fun Funland!

Fun! If you haven’t been to Art Knapp in Port Coquitlam at this time of year, you are missing out on great Fun! There are all kinds of things for the kids to do, including rides and play areas, and of course the pumpkin patch train!  Check out today’s deal and have twice the fun for half the price!

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See Clearly what a great deal this!

Our vision is so important. Actual vision, as in eyesight, not the prophetic vision of the future, (although that would also be helpful!)

So now is the time to take advantage of  the Great deal today on eyeglasses.  For only $20.00 you get a $175 credit towards a prescription pair of glasses and then a Second Pair for Free at Optiks International in Maple Ridge.  The second pair doesn’t even have to be the same, or even for you.  So bring a family member, or bring a friend!  No matter what you choose, you will see clearly how great you look in your new frames!

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Control Issues

Taking Control.  Eventually those people battling weight issues have to learn to take control of the situation and find their own personal answer to journey back to health and wellness.  Today’s offer for Quality HCG drops can be just the thing to jump start your journey!

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Pedi {Cure}

While there are no scientific studies to back me up, I believe, no, I know, that getting a pedicure is good for you.  Of course proper foot care is important, but the additional relaxation and stress release that accompanies a pedicure is really good for you. Plus, when you have pretty toes, you are in a better mood. Again, there is no journal of medicine that will be willing to review my findings, but I have surveyed lots of women and we all agree.  Exactly who is going to argue with a pack of women (with pretty toes)?

No one with any sense. (and I am sure that has been documented somewhere too!)

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