Fraser Valley
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Our Business Commitment

 Unlike most short term advertisers, Love That Deal wants to forge a lasting relationship with our merchants so we can grow together long after we feature your deal. We will be there to help you plan out exactly what kind of deal will best suit your business. We also want to help you manage all the new customers that will be coming through your door, while still being able to satisfy your loyal clientele. Below are our promises to help your business flourish.

Promise #1 -

Businesses have the right to a knowledgeable, local partner - This is integral to local businesses. No matter the size or the reach of your company, you have the right to a partner with local experience that understands your needs and works with you to achieve your business objectives. Love That Deal provides local, knowledgeable representatives to ensure you can manage the number of participants in a featured promotion and attract shoppers who are most interested in your business.

Promise #2 -

Businesses have the right to be treated as a valued partner - We want to partner with you to bring the customer great deals. We want to use our expertise to help promote your business to the general public. In doing so, we promise to respond to all inquires within one business day, but in most cases much faster. You will understand up front when your deal will be run, how your deal will work, the copy and design will be approved by you long before the deal runs, and most importantly, we want to help promote your business to increase the rate of repeat customers.

Promise #3 -

Businesses have the right to full transparency - There should be no fine print and no hidden fees. Our contracts are straightforward and results are clearly stated. Love That Deal tells you exactly how many customers participated, how many purchases were made, and will help you better understand your Love That Deal customers for future marketing efforts.

Promise #4 -

Businesses have the right to be paid fairly and in a reasonable amount of time - You have the right to be paid in a timely manner, within 30 days of when your promotion finishes. There will be no upfront expenses to run a featured promotion with Love That Deal.

Promise #5 -

Businesses have the right to be heard - We encourage communication and want to hear from you. We will listen to your feedback and make the appropriate changes to our business model to support future growth of all our businesses. We want you to share your feedback and results with us so we can continue to strengthen our service to all our businesses.

Promise #6 -

Businesses have the right to choice - We are here to help you increase your sales. Your business belongs to you and at the end of the day, you must make the tough decisions as to what will best suit your particular business in regards to marketing. We believe we have a system that will make the most sense for your business. Our daily deal model is setup in such a way that there is no cost to the business. Once the minimum deal requirements have been met, the more deals that go through, the more revenue your business will generate.  The result is that more new customers will discover your business, all with no marketing costs to you.

Promise #7 -

Businesses have the right to be successful - We believe we have the answer for your business to help get you to the next level. Our program is tailor made to each business and we can help you bring in many more customers every day. So don't delay, send us an email at and let us help you take your business to new heights.