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Our Customer Commitment

 We always want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting from Love That Deal. Whether you are a customer, a business, or a non profit organization, we want to make sure there are never any disappointments or surprises.

Promise #1 - Customers have the right to be heard. - The customer is the key component to what makes our business run effectively. Love That Deal appreciates your feedback so we can continue to provide you with amazing deals in your area. Feedback is highly encouraged and we use it to gauge the effectiveness of deals and to ensure that our merchants are keeping up their end of the bargain! Love That Deal is committed to carefully selecting our merchants so that you receive the best possible deals and offers possible. We want to hear from you! Customers can contact us at any time at the following email address:
Promise #2 - Customers have the right to an immediate response. - We believe in providing answers to any questions that you may have as quickly as possible. We promise to deliver a response no later than 24 hours after an email has been sent and much quicker in many circumstances. We are here to help you receive some amazing deals in your area. Your support is integral to the overall success of our business.
Promise #3 - Customers have the right to be well informed about the deals they are purchasing. - We will clearly lay out all the terms and conditions about each daily deal before a purchase is made. There will be no confusion or risk associated with purchasing deals from our site. The full details of each Love That Deal promotion will be clearly outlined on the website.
Promise #4 - Customers have the right to dealing with merchants they LOVE at a great price. - We will ensure that all our deals are worthy of your business. We want to make sure that our deals are the best in the business at very reasonable prices. If you take the time to request specific merchants, we will do everything in our power to bring you the deals you want from the merchants you request.
Promise #5 - Customers are entitled to enough time to make a proper purchase decision. - We will ensure that we give you enough time to make a proper decision on items sold on our website. We will ensure to maximize the number of deals available in order to give you the time to make an informed decision. But don't wait too long because once a deal is gone there is no guarantee that it will ever come back.
Promise #6 - Customers will feel comfortable and get the respect they deserve every time. - We will treat each and every customer with the upmost of respect, providing you with the information you need, in order to make your shopping experience an easy and satisfying experience. If, however, we ever make a mistake, we will do our best to immediately correct the situation. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with every customer who uses our website.
Promise #7 - We will not make a promise that we cannot keep. - If we say we are going to do something, then our word is our bond and you can consider it done.

Your satisfaction is our number one concern. If you ever feel unhappy about your experience with Love That Deal or any of our featured businesses, we want to hear about it right away! We guarantee to do everything in our power to get things right and make you happy. THAT IS OUR POLICY, THAT IS OUR PROMISE!